Galtabäck båtklubb


The  unique Galtabäck harbour history goes all the way back to the 12th century. With  room for about 80 boats,  boat houses, bridges, a nice swimming beach, a bird  observation tower and a  boat museum,  this  natural harbour  has something for everybody's needs.

Boat owners, ornithologists, tourists, provincials... everybody finds pleasure here. Did you bring  refreshments? Why not  take a seat at one of our   Bench and Tables and  enjoy the magnificent  view during the ingestion?

Before that  you - bird lovers - can climb the observation towers and spot different  migratory birds  on their yearly move to and from Lerjan.

Everybody  can  experience the  great swedish summer  evenings here, with sunsets  only  visible on the west coast.

Pay a visit to Galtabäck!